About Us

Paññā Institute is non-governmental Organization initiated by like-minded international and local intellects. Multi-ethnic founders of Paññā come from diverse backgrounds ranging from academicians and entrepreneurs to development practitioners. No matter how diverse are the experiences, the common aim of the initiators is to be engaged in Myanmar democratic transition by fulfilling the gap of human resource in key sectors of reform. Although Paññā exists for capacity building of change agents in it also intends to strengthen debates for social justice and sustainable development of the country by means of research and public discussion.

It has strength in facilitating the learning process of all ages who desire to gain knowledge in Social Science, Political Science, leadership and entrepreneurship. Space for Civic education and federalism has been in tremendous need in Myanmar, Paññā has been using its strength in public sector, private sector and civil society to ensure the new generation has the knowledge to become informed and engaged citizens. Moreover, it also has capacity to provide tailor-made workshops and trainings for in-house capacity building programs for Public and private sectors. In cases with private companies, Paññā, as a non-profit social enterprise also collects a proper fee as the income generation is needed for supporting the sustainability of other scholarships that are being provided to grassroot leaders with commitment for promoting sustainability and social justice agenda of the society. Paññā is composed of teams in which individuals have a rich experience in organizing capacity building programs for both government, private and non- profit sector in the last eight years.